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Thinking like a thin person on The Chocolate Weight Loss Diet, is not as hard as it sounds, primarily due to the system's main ingredient: Chocolate. The natural chemicals that occur in chocolate help you to readjust your brain chemistry enabling you to easily think - and more importantly, act - like a thin person.

Observing the actions of a naturally thin person gives us clues to the attributes that we need to attain, to become a naturally thin person. Naturally thin people don't chart out every morsel of food that they eat. They simply eat what they want when they are hungry and stop eating when they when their hunger is satisfied.

It helps, when retraining your brain to think like a thin person, to start charting out your daily consumption. This helps to engage your brain in the eating and monitoring process. After you have charted every morsel, it is easy to review your food journal following your weekly weigh-in, and think about how your past week's intake reflects on your weigh-in weight. This will enable you to make modifications, if necessary, for the next week. After, you have done this for a while, the charting becomes un-necessary as you begin to track your intake naturally.

For example, a thin person may eat one-and-one-half pieces of pizza. That's right. They stop midway through the second slice because their hunger is satisfied. Hard for us to believe, but true. They are not compelled to, "clean their plate."

Shelley and I have found it liberating to learn to discard food. We began with leaving one bite of each menu item on our plate - then discarding it, or tell the waitress that we were done - to get it out of sight. Then one bite became two, then three...

Especially when you're eating out and being served a ridiculously calorie-laden meal. You cut your calories in-half automatically by asking for half of the meal, "To Go." Before we started thinking (and "acting" not necessarily in that order) like thin people, we used to worship the restaurant leftovers, safely guarding them in a refrigerated state, until they could be enjoyed the next day.

Now we have the strength to eat half our meal, and let the waitress pick up the remains - like the thin people we've become... and you will too, if you simply start by discarding one bite of each entrée - it will get easier, I promise.

The thin person enjoys eating whatever foods they crave, while being mindful of what constitutes an adequate serving size. They may satisfy their craving with a small piece of cake, without having to over-indulge.

Yes, eat anything you want, just do it with your brain engaged. If you've charted your food in your food journal, you begin to understand what a "serving size" is in the review process. Serving size is very important in thinking and becoming a thin person. Soon you, too, will be eating responsibly easily tracking your volume of food as you eat on-the-fly and enjoying the weight loss results.

Thin people don't reward themselves with food. How often do you congratulate yourself for any reason by going out to dinner, or eating a tub of ice cream? Find other non-food-related ways to reward yourself.

One of the worst habits of overweight folks is to either reward, or self-medicate, one's self with food. If this applies to you, take measures to stop it as soon as possible. Thin people don't do it, and neither should you. Reward yourself with non-food items, and if you're feeling blue, call a friend, read a book, watch TV and enjoy a healthy activity - do anything but don't eat.

Naturally thin people do not starve themselves. They eat regularly and sensibly. Starvation, or "crash" diets, are to be avoided.

Eating five to seven smaller meals throughout the day, will help take the roller-coaster-ride out of your metabolism. It will enable you to keep the fat-burning-fire stoked throughout your day, if you make certain that you're eating every three-to-four-hours. Plus, if you love chocolate, you'll be eating chocolate at every meal, and may be enjoying choclate as an in-between-meal snack, too!

Naturally thin people are thoughtful, but less frugal about what they eat. Naturally thin people gravitate toward higher quality foods that are normally associated with greater monetary expense - and they are not afraid to discard the excess.

Now that you're eating a lower volume of food, you can spend a little more and increase the quality of food that you eat. By increasing the nutritional value of the food that you eat (which generally comes at a higher price than foods that are little more than empty calories) you will enjoy the greater overall health benefits, and a faster-burning metabolism.

Do thin people overeat? Yes, they do, occassionally. But when they overeat, they stop eating for a while, then eat a smaller meal to follow up their overindulgence. Not a problem, we just start doing the same thing. You lose your mind at a buffet? No problem. Stop eating. Don't eat again for five hours, then get back on track. You're becoming a thin person, start acting like one.

Naturally thin people are self-confident, have a positive outlook on life and its associated circumstances. They are emotionally sound, happy, enjoy life, have positive relationships with their family and peers.

As we start thinking as a thin person, we need to start acting like one - that means we need to change some of our relationships associated with food - and re-associate those relationships to more healthy "personal" relationships, i.e., relationships with people. Spend less time eating and more time talking.

Thin folks often exercise without exercising. They take the stairs, don't drive around waiting for the closest parking spot to open up and generally find more opportunities to move, increasing their activity.

Once you start acting like a thin person, you will find yourself engaging in more physical activity, i.e., parking further away, enjoying the opportunity to get-in a few extra steps, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, pace to-and-fro while on the phone, taking a walking lunch break, or laughing out loud (LOL) while enjoying a comedy - by rote, at first, then naturally.

You, too, could begin thinking like a thin person by getting your copy of The Chocolate Weight Loss Diet and start thinking as a naturally thin person thinks, enjoying the health and weight loss benefits of your becoming a thin person as you enjoy eating chocolate regularly throught the day.

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