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You Can Eat Chocolate And Lose Weight

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This is the diet that I have waited for. I guess I sort of bought the book, on a whim, as a joke. I didn't think it was really for real. I even made fun of it to my husband when it arrived in the mail. Then as I began to read, I began to believe that this could work. I could eat chocolate and the other foods that I loved and lose weight. So, here I am: 90 days and 40 pounds lighter and I couldn't be happier! - Jeannette Deveau, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

I got the book because Kelly Osbourne used it to lose weight, and she looks great! I couldn't believe how easy this diet is to do. Who would have thought that I would be losing weight eating chocolate? I've been treating myself with jewelry, like Shelley, for every 10-pound loss (that's three new items in my jewelry box, so far) and I've never felt better or had more energy. - Juli Hamilton, Los Angeles, California USA

Mr. Masters, I'm one of the original chocolate weight loss dieters, before you came out with the book. I just want to thank you for making the book available. I got one for myself, but I'm recommending it to all my friends who have seen me lose the weight AND watched me eat the chocolate! Thank you for all your encouragement and the opportunity to share this with others. - Ronald Daniels, Montgomery, AL USA

I suffer from Fibromyalgia and weight loss was not an option (only weight gain and that just makes it worse). I just wanted to let you know that I can do your diet and eat chocolate and lose weight. I've only been on it a month and have lost 12 pounds, that is a life-changing breakthrough for me. - Brooke Davis, Dallas, Tx USA

Just wanted to let you know that here I am 30 days after starting the chocolate weight loss diet and I'm down 19 pounds! I'm so excited, I just can't hide it! When I started it, my husband laughed at me, now he's starting it too! He has some health issues, and he's really excited about losing weight and being healthier too. - Tina Smith, Houston, Texas USA

After hearing about Kylie Minogue's success with the Chocolate weight Loss Diet, I just had to try it myself. I have been working in the entertainment industry (not in the limelight, yet) but I feel much better, now that I've gone from a size 8 to a size 4! I believe that I am better equipped now that I'm feeling more appealing to persue my career. Couldn't have done it without you, - Susan Potter, San Diego, California USA

I know, I was just like you, tried every diet imaginable, but this one takes the (chocolate) cake! Here's my breakthrough: Unlike every other diet I've been on... I can live like this forever. Thank you David and Shelley for sharing your secrets. Finally lost that last 15 pounds that I thought I would be stuck with forever and it was so easy. - Mary Decker, Knoxville, TN USA

A confirmed couch potato, I thought this should be called the couch potato's chocolate diet. I've lost 45 pounds without having to go to the gym, stop eating stuff that I like, or giving up my quality time in front of the TV. I couldn't be happier. - Jasmin L., St. Louis, MO USA

After a huge change in life circumstances, I had put on an extra 50 pounds over three years time. Five months on the chocolate weight loss diet, and I'm back to my former self. The best thing is, how effortless it was and I've changed who I am and looking forward to a bright new future. Thank to you. - Ana Brown, Tucson, Arizona USA

You know, I have been on a lot of diets, and most everything in your book seemed vaguely familiar. I just have to say, that to have all that information in one place, and have it make so much sense, made it so easy for me to change my life for the thinner. Oh, by the way, 63 pounds gone forever! - Misty Sims, Brooklyn, New York USA

I'm not really crazy about chocolate, so I only take it as a weight loss supplement, not like candy. I just love that it works like a wonder drug, that has me down 18 pounds, with better digestion than I've had in the last 10 years and feeling better than ever. - Rachel Steen, Fort Wayne, IN USA

What I love about The Chococolate Weight Loss Diet (besides the chocolate) is that this is like an encyclopedic buffet of weight loss and dietary secrets. You can choose your rate of weight loss by how much you use. For example, I'm happy with a 1-to-2 pounds-per-week rate of weight loss. So, I started with just a few keys. When I plateaued, I'd add another, until today, when I've lost a total of 56 pounds and I have another 21 to go, before I hit my target weight, knowing that I have all the arrows I need to get there from here. - Ed Foster, Tampa, FL USA

I took a beating in a car accident and put on 30 pounds over two years. I tried Nutrisystem and didn't lose any weight, only money. Four months on your diet and I'm back to my pre-accident weight of 100 pounds. Thank you so much for being in the right place at the right time. - Carol Bailey, Staten Island, NY USA

I am starting this diet in hopes that it will change my life as well as my husbands.We both are going to do this together.I can only pray it will improve our health and let us have more time with our kids on this earth. Thank you for the chance to do this. I really need all the support I can get.I have tried a lot of diets in my adult hood and not many of them work. - J. Bartel, Edgewood, MD USA

The advantages of the Chocolate Weight Loss Diet don't end at weighing in at fewer pounds, that's just the beginning. For those of us who embrace the unbridled power of chocolate, we not only receive the benefits of weight loss, but also enjoy many of the health benefits from steady use of this powerful nutrient source over a longer, more sustained, period of time.

The Chocolate Weight Loss Diet's main ingredient is, chocolate. But you must pay special attention to locate and obtain the highest quality chocolate to achieve maximum benefits from this system.

Think back to the last time you were on a diet... Remember everyone watching what you ate? The grapefruits, pre-packaged (obviously labeled) frozen (or suspended animation) TV dinners, homemade diet soup(s), powdered drink mixes, etc… You just knew those people were pointing, talking about you behind your back, saying, "Oh, look! She's on another diet, and this time..." blah, blah, blah...

But now that you're on the Chocolate Weight Loss Diet - what will they think when they see you eating chocolate? They'd never guess you could possibly be on a diet. Nonetheless, if you follow the simple rules, your excess pounds will continue to drop.

Nobody makes fun of a weight loser eating chocolate, although they may become jealous and ask: "How did you do it?" because they, too, would like to eat chocolate, lose weight and be healthy.

There is certainly no negative diet stigma related to those who embrace the - Chocolate Weight Loss Diet - in fact, it is the-diet that an overweight America has been craving, err... waiting for.


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